“Our marketing group participated in the StratOp process in June 2015. Leisha Harrison facilitated the process and led our team’s development of a successful strategic plan. Leisha’s familiarity and passion for the process, accompanied with her belief in its success, fueled our team’s excitement and focused participation.”
– Bethany Ruder, Marketing Coordinator 

“StratOp guides participants’ thinking through carefully crafted tools and activities to really probe beyond the surface of a business. We saw our group and our objectives through so many different lenses, further refining our perspective and our understanding. The process successfully halted our mentality that the first solution is the right solution and forced us to reevaluate long-held but ultimately untenable positions.”

“Beyond the base organization and efficacy of StratOp’s tools, Leisha Harrison was a fantastic facilitator. I can so easily see how an un-invested facilitator could ruin the program’s success. Leisha encouraged open discussions, new ideas and non-linear thinking that pushed our group outside the box into a truly creative realm. She was a great, highly-knowledgeable guide about the tools, their objectives and how to pull answers from even the most inexperienced team members. She was instrumental to our success.”
– Sarah Turpin, Proposal Coordinator 

“When we went through a “StratOp Scrub” process in November of 2014, Leisha helped us summarize our success and develop an action plan for 2015. As a result of our implemented StratOp process in 2014 we realized increased revenue by over 300% and increased sales by 323% from 2013. Leisha’s insight helped us to energize our strategic thinking in a business that has been strong and steady for the past 30 years and this process has been well worth the investment as we have taken our success to the next level.”
– CEO and Financial Counselor of local firm