Strat Ops

Tom Paterson, the founder of StratOp, is a master strategic thinker. Tom’s accomplishments are too many to number, but a few of the highlights include: holding the first patent on the ATM pin technology; working as the lead inventor of the DVD in 1969 with RCA; working with Disney on developing Space Mountain; and serving as an honorary consultant to the People’s Republic of China. Tom had a successful career with IBM, RCA, and others, before launching his own consulting and facilitation business. Tom is a master at Process, and has received a Noble Laureate and a Presidential Seal of Honor.

Building on the foundation of his early years, Tom then went on to launch his consulting practice where he spent nearly thirty-five years working alongside the likes of management guru, Peter Drucker. Those who knew them called Drucker the “Business Theorist” and Tom the “Process Practitioner.” Drucker called Tom “the greatest consultant in America”.

Paterson Center developed this strategic 3-day team discovery process and equips facilitators to walk alongside and train companies in this process. Leisha Harrison of Spark Plans is a Certified Facilitator of StratOps and Life Plans.


StratOp is a 3-day, team-discovery process, that:
1. Gives you perspective on all of the strategic, financial, and operational parts of your
2. Helps you know where you stand;
3. Clarifies where you should go; and
4. Gives you a customized plan on how to get there.