Consumers consider a product valuable when they have a good experience with it, and products must be designed in a way that gives consumers a good experience.

A couple weeks ago, UX Designer Clinton Carlson came to JBU and spoke about User Experience Design, a new field about designing products that solve real human problems. The field of UX Design allows designers to collaborate with end users, product owners, strategists, and other researchers to give consumers the best possible experience. In the words of Steve Jobs, “Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”

There is an article written by Mary Treseler of the O’Reilly Radar called Experience design is shaping our future. Treseler proves that “organizations that value design and treat it as a corporate asset increase their odds of success” by stating that firms heavily invested in design had gross revenues 22% higher than other firms.

Design and business degree programs are changing to emphasize design thinking, which makes anthropology, research, and innovation the new trends. Designers are being trained to have design, business, and communication skills. It all revolves around the fact that consumers are happy when a product is designed to give them the experience they want. With UX design at the forefront of a company’s marketing strategies, the company is set up for success.

Understanding how consumers think and behave allows a UX Designer to design a product in a way that satisfies a company’s consumers. According to Treseler, the human-centered approach to design “enables organizations to ask the right questions and gain insights about behavior, emotion, engagement, and motivation.” Put simply, good designers have to really know people.

I’m fascinated by the idea of designing for people, solving problems with design, and making things work. As a naturally empathetic individual, I thrive in situations that rely on perception and observation of people. When I graduate with a degree in Graphic & Web Design, I want to pursue further training in User Experience Design and maybe even become a UX-er.